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Nu-It is your Total It solution!

Computer support company dedicated to homes and small businesses.

We have a team of qualified technicians who will come to you! We are seriously about giving service.

• Computer Service & Repair                                               • Troubleshooting/Maintenance

• PC System Support                                                               • Virus Protection & Maintenance Programs

• PC and/or Network Installations/Upgrade                  • Web Site Design

• Web Site and email Hosting Services                               • Internet solutions -Fibre / LTE

• Internet signal boosting solution                                     • Telecom Solutions

We help Companies maintain and expand their IT infrastructure by providing the best cost effective solutions to maintain a healthy infrastructure.

We tackle their most difficult issues and serious challenges.

We deal with a vast range of Products, a broad overview of Products we do are listed below.

• Desktop Computers                                                               • Notebook Computers

• Servers                                                                                       • Copiers / Printers

• Digital Cameras / CCTV                                                        • Networks

PABX Systems                                                                         • Backups (Synology / QNAP)


New RICA Act demands identity compliance

The Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act (RICA) has been implemented in South Africa,and with it a lot of additional strings attached if you want to get a new telecom's device. This applies to voice or data devices / accounts / subscriptions, and all data and voice service providers.