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For the medium business we offer a simple PABX system, which brings some additional features not available to our virtual PABX solution


Arbitrary number of extensions.

Multiple switchboards.

Flexible dialing rules.

Load balancing of calls over multiple internet connections.


Time conditions.

Call forwarding.


Call recording.

Grouping of extensions with separate dialing rules.

Multiple VoIP accounts.

Connection with existing PSTN technologies such as Telkom lines (analog, ISDN), and premi cell units.

PIN codes.

Call barging (allows some users to listen in on certain calls, and even wisper to the internal extension).

Call Conferencing.

Call Waiting.


Very flexible.

Can integrate with 'small' satellite offices (cannot currently monitor those "extensions" directly on switchboard phones).

Lower monthly "line rental"


Higher initial setup/installation fee.

Virtual PABX