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VoIP for the home user is very much an entry level option. You supply your internet connectivity (we can assist here as well), you buy a VoIP capable phone, we recommend the Yealink W52P for home use (but please do browse our phone reviews) and we provide you with a VoIP trunk on a month-to-month basis.

The trunk is going to cost you R 79.80 per month, excluding call costs. Our call costs are available from here.

Our basic features which we offer here is as follows:

• Phone load balancing (up to 8 phones on a single trunk/number).

• Single telephone number.

• Voicemail.

• Call forwarding as an alternative to voicemail.

• Free on-net calls.

• Speed dials.

• Call Waiting.

Whilst we understand that this is not always feasible, we always recommend a dedicated internet connection for Voice-over-IP. As long as you don't try and send large email, or make big downloads whilst phoning all should be well.

VoIP for the home user