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Service Agreements

In these trying times, we are all looking for a way to save money, especially in business. Too often we have to cut personnel because their salary eats up so much of the bottom line. This spreads more responsibility to those who are still left in the company and overburdens the already overworked employee. We are suggesting 4 reasons to outsource your IT or even use outsourcing to compliment  your existing IT department.

1. Cut Costs at the Bottom Line - By outsourcing your IT department you can save in the following areas: training, salary, paid leave, sick time, and taxes per employee. Employees and their costs can eat away at the bottom line.

2. Benefit from Expanded Knowledge Base - Having an IT professional from an outside source brings a wealth of knowledge from many different backgrounds. We handle IT from small to medium businesses, and bring all the experience with us at no extra cost to you.

3. Buying in Bulk Really Does Save – You have the option of purchasing a service level agreement where your hourly charges are reduced or paying for the time spent. If things are sailing smoothly, you don't have to pay an IT employee to sit at a desk and watch his PC’s screen until someone's computer crashes.You decide on the hours you need so you don't have to overpay an underproductive employee.

4. Remote Technology Cuts Time and Expense - If your laptop starts acting up when you are not at the office, your local on site tech cannot help you. Using remote technology, our IT experts can log into their system from their location and help your employee on the road. It would cost you time and travel expense to send your local person to repair that system.