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As no existing TT Connect infrastructure is available a site installation is required.

1. The installation process is made up of four separate steps, each requiring a visit to the premises which will be booked by a TT Connect staff member.

2. Step 1: SURVEY, to determine and agree on the preferred physical cable and conduit route from the road to the mounted fibre switch (ONT) point.    

3. Step 2: CIVILS, The build of the agreed survey plan.

4. Step 3: BLOWING, the installation of the fibre cable into the installed fibre conduit from the TT Connect distribution point to the ONT.

5. Step 4: SPLICING, the termination of the fibre cable to the ONT, testing of the connection, registration of the ONT and address onto the TT Connect network.


1. The expected completion date for the installation is 21 working days.

2. If the installation is for an already infrastructure ready multi dwelling building or estate, installation steps 1 and 3 could possibly be left out.

3. Once Step 4 is complete a TT Connect ONT installation acceptance document will be required to be signed.  function of the ONT, thereby making the property fibre ready. This document is not a acceptance of successful ISP services (internet access) as TT Connect is only responsible for the installation.

4. The Steps are planned as the site schedule allows and are very rarely spaced evenly; the completion is again aimed at 21 working days.

5. The installation costs are calculated on running meters from the building boundary, the first 15 meters are free.

6. The installation costs are the responsibility of the ISP. The ISP may pass some or all the costs onto the end customer and this must be checked.   Surveyed installation costs will be referred to the ISP and will requires either sign off by the end customer or ISP before any work will take place. The sign off responsibility must be indicated by the ISP to TT Connect.

7. Although all efforts will be made to keep the end customer updated on the installation process, the installation is considered "on track" while the 21 working day period has not been exceeded.