MTN LTE Fixed Uncapped Premium 50Mbps


  • Lte Router ZTE MF286C – R2500
  • Activation Fee R245
  • 1 Month Anytime Data Rollover
  • Night Surfer Data allocation that can be used between midnight – 7am.
  • No Contract – Minimum 6 months Calendar Month Notice
  • If the link is cancelled within the first 6 month a pro-rata fee will be charged for the cancelled link.
  • Fee will depend on the provider.
  • Approved Cat6 LTE Routers (Huawei B618, Huawei B525, Huawei B612, ZTE MF286)
MTN Fair usage policy

NU-IT does not impose any fair use policy (FUP) but clients subscribed to MTN Fixed-LTE services will be subject to the FUP as imposed from upstream providers.

MTN FUP – Uncapped Lite

  •   24/7 4 Mbps limitation: news and real-time entertainment protocols such as video, music and sports streaming.

MTN FUP – Uncapped Premium & Lite

  • A Best-effort service: no guaranteed connectivity – service is dependent on network favourability and device capability.
  • 24/7 128 Kbps limitation: peer-to-peer (P2P), network news transfer protocol (NNTP), torrents and related services.
  • Additional restrictions may be imposed at any time if warranted due to network abuse or other requirements.
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